Best Android Apps to Watch Movies and TV Shows

No need to sit in front of the TV for watching movies or TV shows. Now you can enjoy movies and your favorite TV on your Android phone. There are millions of movies and TV shows on the internet that you can watch the help of your web browser, or you can also download the movie stream apps from play store for watch movies and tv shows with your Android devices.

You can convert your Android device into the TV with these amazing apps which are available free on play store. Movies, TV shows, web series, and much more which you can watch in your Android device with these video streaming apps anywhere anytime.

You can also download movies and favorite tv shows on your Android device. Video streaming is an alternative to TV channels and theaters. We are going to tell you about these video streaming apps in this article.

6 Android Apps to Watch Movies

1. ShowBox

Showbox is a popular video streaming platform that saves you time by broadcasting your favorite movie and TV shows without any AD. If you are unable to subscribe to Amazone prime video & NetFlix’s expensive membership, then Showbox is a better option.

It’s absolutely free apps that can be easily downloaded from the Play Store. In it, HD movies and TV shows of Hollywood and Bollywood are present in thousands of them, without any ad. This app includes even more convenient features.

Click for download: ShowBox

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2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another free video streaming platform for Android and iOS devices. It has a large collection of hit movies(more than 1500) and tv shows.

Some exclusive content available only Popcornflix. Drama, Action, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Family all content available which you want. They regularly update their databases so that you can view all the latest movies online and download. You don’t have need to pay for this app.

Click for download: Popcornflix

3. Tubi

Another best free video streaming free app which is available for your android device, you can not only watch your favorite movies and TV shows but also download it. This is not an app only it is home of new and old movies and tv shows, where you enjoying to watch movies and your favorite show any time without spending.

It has a large number of blockbusters movies in HD quality from. You can search for movies in category vice-like, Drama, Family movie, Thriller, Horror, Comedy, and others

Click for download: Tubi

4. Vimeo

Enjoy the journey with your favorite movies and Tv shows. Vimeo is similar to youtube, which allows watching and downloads movies in your device. It’s a full time-pass app. Vimeo brings for you a collection of Hit Movies without any subscription. This provides HD quality and 4K full-length movies, and sound quality is amazing.

This complete movies package for all age family members including Kids, Horror, Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Animation, Romantic, and More than 1000 of AD-supported movies which you can watch on Vimeo. This is a user-friendly app. much more category are available on Vimeo.

Click for download: Vimeo 

5. SnagFilms

android apps to watch movies

One of papular free video streaming app in Android which has more than 2000 movies, Tv shows in HD quality are available for all age people which makes even better than others, Snagfilm based on a user-friendly interface and it’s free and reliable apps for your Android device.

New content uploads every month without any subscription. You can search for movies and TV shows tap on the search bar which is available on the top. This app is available free for both users, Android and iOS.

Click for download: SnagFilms

6. JioCinema

android apps to watch movies

Jio is a well-known name. You can download your favorite TV shows and movies and watch after when you don’t have data to use. Watch TV shows and movies in Low, Medium, and HD quality, which is supported by your device.

Explore your library of Indian movies and tv shows and international content, which AD-free. This app has available movies, TV shows in 15 Indian languages and Premium content is also available in Jio cinema, to find the content of your choice, tap on the mic icon. You can include any movie or TV show in your watch list and watch later on in any other device.

Click for download: JioCinema

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