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Millions of Android apps in play store. Do you know over than 3000 educational apps are available which are specially design for kids? From which your kids can learn a lot. so friends today, we’ll tell you about the best Android apps for kids.

Well, friends in Today most children play games on Android devices. This is not good for kids. In addition to games, you can download educational apps in your Android device, with the help of these apps your child will get some good information with fun. In this article, we have highlighted the best educational Android apps for kids.

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10 Best Android Apps for Kids

1. ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

Best Android Apps for Kids

Best app for Under 3-4 years of kids. Learning ABC with fun. ABC Kids app helps your children for learning alphabets like they play a game. Educational games for learning, Letter Tracing Games, Phonics sounds for complete alphabets, Letter Matching games, Fun with stickers and gifts, and also learn to arrange uppercase and lowercase letters.

Click for download: ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

2. Kids Preschool Learning Games

Best Android Apps for Kids

This app is like a school, where your children learn alphabets and numbers with the greatest sound effect. Children’s Preschool Educational Memory Puzzles Game which is helpful for your children’s brain development, coloring book and games to help identify the colors and also balloon pop game which is designing to learn counting.

Click for download: Kids Preschool Learning Games

3. Learn Numbers 123 Kids Free Game

Best Android Apps for Kids

One of the best educational apps for kids, specially designed for learning to counting with fun. Number tracing and drawing, it is helpful to identify and count the numbers for a nursery or preschool child, and kids handwriting game also is in and Kids get better information about the numbers they get in Play School.

Click for download: Learn Numbers 123 Kids Free Game

4. Match Game – Animals

Match game is a growing game of memory, which can play both children and adults. This is a very fun game. Identify images, names of more than 100 animals and know about them, best to exercise memory and concentration for kids and young people. In simple language its brain booster games.

Click for download: Match Game – Animals

5. Colors & Shapes – Kids Learn Color and Shape

Best Android Apps for Kids

Like these ABC kids, this is also AD Free App. Along with writing, children should also encourage other activities, such as coloring, and drawing. Colors influence children more. These apps give the freedom to use the colors independently. With the help of this app, kids also fill in color in pictures and shapes as well as identify them.

Click for download: Colors & Shapes – Kids Learn Color and Shape

6. Coloring & Learn – Android Apps for Kids

Improve the skill of your kids with Coloring & Learn. Available different shapes, animals, and alphabets and number also to learn them. learn the name of colors and 200+ page is available for coloring and spruce your art with 100+ beautiful stickers. For kids, you can also compete for coloring.

Click for download: Coloring & Learn

7. Puzzle Kids – Animals Shapes and Jigsaw Puzzles

Best Android Apps for Kids

Looking for a game for the child’s brainstorming, Puzzle Kids – Animals Shapes and Jigsaw Puzzles, is the best choice. Puzzles are designed for drag and drop, each puzzle page gives your kids the challenge to figure out the shapes and make changes, solve puzzles and helps them to know how to fit the bigger picture, so add this app right in Andriod apps list.

Click for download: Puzzle Kids – Animals Shapes and Jigsaw Puzzles

8. Children Puzzle for Kids Pets – Android App

This is a very fun game for kids. In this game has 20 high-quality puzzle pages which are Animals and other pictures. 5 or 10 pieces have been provided every single page, which have to be added and complete the picture, kids are really enjoying to play this game and also this is a better exercise for the development of children’s brain.

Click for download: Children Puzzle for Kids Pets

9. Piano Kids – Music & Songs – Android App

This is a very funny app, it attracts adults not just for the kids. With the help of your fingertips, you can take the experience from your Android device to play colored instruments such as piano, kidney xylophone, saxophone, drum kit, trumpet, electric guitar, and flute.

Click for download: Piano Kids – Music & Songs

10. Music kids – Songs & Music Instruments

The thousands of children’s favorite app. This is for children and adults who want to play musical instruments or want to learn, enjoy the sound of drums, flutes, pianos, guitars, and many musical instruments from the help of your fingertips and also a bundle of favorite songs to learn and play. Graphics and sound quality are superb.

Click for download: Music kids – Songs & Music Instruments

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