Best Free Battery Saver App for Android in 2019

If you spend the most time on your mobile, due to which your mobile battery gets discharged soon, then this post is very important for you. Here we have prepared a list of some of the best battery saver app of 2019 for your Android device which helps to increase the battery life of your Android device.

Internet usage has increased so much in life that the battery of our Android phone gets discharged soon. New Android phones come with a bigger screen HD camera, 4G network and so many applications are installed which increases battery consumption while being important.

There are so many apps available in the market that claim to increase your Android battery power, but most of these apps are foolproof which only increases your mobile space. Our suggested battery saver apps occupy very little space in your Android device and extend battery life by leaps and bounds. So let’s know about these wonderful free battery saver apps.

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5 Best Free Battery Saver App for Android Device in 2019

Battery Saver

Rating : 4.9

best battery saver for android 2019

One of the free best battery saver app in 2019 for your android gadget. If the battery saver is in your android device then it does not have to be charged repeatedly, keeps track of all the problems associated with your Android device’s battery quickly found and solve it instantly. Control CPU temperature with the cool down feature and keep safe your device hardware.

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Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

Rating : 4.8

best battery saver for android 2019

Reduce the use of mobile and save battery, Kaspersky battery saver proves this notion wrong. Kaspersky regularly monitoring which app is harmful or reducing battery power to your Android device and helps you to stop them. Alert for ‘hungry’ apps, boost android battery power and also shows in real time, Your device’s battery how long it will work.

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Phone Cleaner- Cache Clean, Android Booster Master

Rating : 4.7

best battery saver for android 2019

Name of this app similar to the work. Cleaner cache and junk files Cleaner, RAM boosts, speed booster and also CPU cooler in this for cool your android device… complete battery protection & saver is in the phone cleaner app. Any app, which increases the consumption of your phone battery, lets it out. is

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Super Battery Saver – Fast Charging – Speed Up 5X

Rating : 4.6

Better security against the battery lesser app. Excellent app for customization, clear RAM and storage clean, when you charge your device, apps running in the background and WiFi or Bluetooth connection is open so its take more time to full charge. With this help, you can stop all those with just one click.

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Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

Rating : 4.5

Like a doctor, saves your Android device battery power. This a single battery saver app who supporting 28 Languages. 3 stage unique charging gives you better battery saving and also the battery cooler feature for monitoring android device temperature, stop app which increases heat temperature, regularly update makes it’s user-friendly.

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