Best PC Cleanup Software – Free to Download

In today’s era of advanced technology, one does not like to work on a slow PC or laptop. If your PC is too slow to perform or despite high configuration you are not satisfied with the speed of your PC or laptop, then you need to Cleanup your PC. For this, you can take the help of our listed PC Cleanup tools. Here we suggest the best free PC optimizer which cleans your PC immediately and speeds up your PC.

With the help of the PC Cleanup Tools, you can speed up your laptop or PC, remove temporary files, fix errors in Windows, fix software crash issues, and even Trojans, malware and Can prevent bugs from entering Windows.

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When We need PC Cleanup Tools?

When your PC or laptop is slow to perform simple tasks and takes longer to respond, you start getting irritable. The reason for this is, when you work on your PC or laptop or install any software, then along with these junk files are created which affect the performance of your PC.

It is not possible for everyone to find and delete these files. Therefore to clean these files you need to clean your PC which can be done easily with the help of Cleanup tools.

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Best PC Cleanup Tools Free

Today lots of PC optimization software are available in the market some of these free and some paid which you can download. If you don’t have any idea of these tools then no need to worry, this article will help you to find the best PC optimization software.

1. CCleaner

 best PC cleanup tools

CCleaner Award-winning PC optimizer tool is a reliable trusted by millions of satisfied users. With just one click, you can get rid of junk files stored on a computer or laptop, clear web browser history and cookies. It is fast as well as very safe and is able to keep your privacy a secret. Install CCleaner on your PC and remove any complicated Windows issues.

CCleaner not only removes Junks files or cookies but also you can fix errors in your Windows with Registry Cleaner feature. For Safety, CCleaner takes regular updates to protect your PC from cybercriminals and improve system performance.


  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Schedule Cleanup
  • Complete privacy Protection

2. Advanced System Optimizer

best PC cleanup tools

Advanced system optimizer one of the best PC cleaner software for Remove unwanted clutter and junk files. Get rid of frequent crashes and slow performance. It defragments your hard drive, which increases its read speed and PC getting faster than before.

Protects your PC from Trojans, malware, worms, and other infectious threats and provides military-grade technology to make files permanently irreversible. It provides password encryption protection to protect your important files from unwanted access and removes browsing history and cookies to protect your online activities.


  • Secure Encryptor with Password
  • Windows Driver Updater
  • Recover Accidental files

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3. Clean Master

best PC cleanup tools

Clean Master is a powerful PC utility software that comes with an Intelligent Auto-clean feature, which is capable of removing the defects of your slow PC and speeding up as before. With one click, you can stop unnecessary startup programs, which will speed up boot time and rid out of the system lagging.

This PC cleaner Software removes all the issues that affect your PC or internet speed. You can clean residual system junk files, cookies, Windows update files cache to completely free up your computer storage. Locks unwanted access and removes browsing history with the anti-tracking feature to protect against any kind of criminal activity.


  • Auto Browser History Cleaner
  • Drive Booster
  • Easily Recover lost Files

4. CleanMyPC

best PC cleanup tools

CleanMyPC works as its name. Now, as usual, there is no need to wait for the pc to boot, it shows all the autorun programs in your pc, by closing them you can reduce the booting time of your pc. CleanMyPC comes with Multi Uninstaller which is capable of removing all junk files of uninstalled software.

Delete browsing history with just one click and keep your browser away with junk files and cyber activities. Do not be afraid of losing data while deleting unwanted files, recover files even after deleting them. This cleanup tool is able to experience a new pc in your old pc.


  • Multi Uninstaller
  • Auto Registry Checkup and Maintenance
  • Get Rid of Hibernation files

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5. Auslogics BoostSpeed

 best PC cleanup tools

Speed up your slow PC with Auslogics BoostSpeed. It is one of the best PC cleanup and easy to use tools that gives you complete protection against net banking fraud and other cybercrime activities. After installation, it checks the entire pc like a doctor, cleans up junk files and cookies.

Any software or application that slows your pc detects and fixes the causes of glitches or crashes. Complete your PC with web browser cache, redundant system, and user temporary files, Windows update files, software uninstall cache and more and increase the existing space in hard drive.


  • Basic registry cleanup
  • Basic junk cleanup to free up disk space
  • Unlimited use of all advanced PC Cleanup tools
  • Scheduled disk defragmentation to maintain drive health

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