Best Screen Recording Software for Windows & Mac PC

Screen recording is the best way if you expose your talent all over the world, through this you can record your video and upload it on Youtube or other social sites. Here we suggest some of the best screen recorder software for Windows 10 and Mac PC.

If you are a lecturer you can spread your knowledge or if you are a professional gamer then you can record your goals or achievements and share them on Youtube via screen recording. In addition, you can use screen recordings for your various purposes such as presentations, product demos, and more.

As you know there is no option of screen recording in Windows or Mac. But this does not mean that you cannot do screen recording. Today, lots of screen recorder software available in the market for Windows or Mac that allows screen recording. With the help of screen recorder software, you can easily capture every single moment and upload it to Youtube, Instagram or Facebook.

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5 Best Screen Recorder Software

Here we have 5 best screen recorder software options that will help you in exposing your talent around the world.

  • Filmora Scrn
  • OBS Studio
  • Free Cam
  • CamStudio
  • Movavi Screen Recorder Studio Software

1. Filmora Scrn

Filmora Scrn is a high-quality live video streaming and capturing software for Windows 10 and Mac PC. This is the best of one free screen recorder software. Capture every single activity on the computer during play games and tutorials. Change the recorded video background, add confirmation dialog and other elements to increase clarification to your viewers.

Record and edit instantly with the help of its professional tools and it is completely able to record simultaneously from your PC screen and webcam. You can draw circles and arrows on your PC screen to help attract direct attention from your viewers.

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2. OBS Studio

Best Screen Recording Software for Windows & Mac PC

OBS is a free screen recorder software that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Easily edit your recorded videos with high performance in video/audio recording. Add confirmation dialog when starting recording or at the end of the video. With custom changes, you can switch infinitely to set an unlimited number of views.

Not only desktop recording, but you can also use the webcam and also add scrolling text during recording and after recording. You can easily add pictures and videos to the background of your recorded video with the help of Chroma Key.

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3. Free Cam

Best Screen Recording Software for Windows & Mac PC

Capture every single moment of your PC screen with a FreeCam. FreeCam is another free option for screen recording for Windows 7, 8 and 10. Easy to use for a newbie, it also allows you to edit video as a professional with screen recording and upload it to YouTube fast.

With this screen recorder software at your convenience, you can select the entire Windows screen or selected area in the recording. You can use a microphone to make your tutorial more instructive. During the tutorial, highlight your mouse cursor and turn on the mouse click sound to focus on important details and steps.

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4. CamStudio

Best Screen Recording Software for Windows & Mac PC

CamStudio is a free screen recorder streaming software for Windows 10 PC. Its interface is quite simple, even a novice can do screen recording with the help of it for the first time and upload them on youtube or another site. With its help, you can create tutorials, review a product or even use it to create a demonstration video.

CamStudio is capable of recording all screen and audio activity on your computer, as well as creating an industry-standard AVI video file of recorded files and using its built-in SWF creator to make that AVI bandwidth can convert Flash video to stream for stream-friendly streaming.

5. Movavi Screen Recorder Studio Software

Looking for free screen recorder software for Windows or Mac PC, Movavi is a better option. Now whether you are recording a video series of YouTube or making your own tutorial video, all is possible with Movavi. Despite being free, it has all the professional tools that you find in any paid screen recorder software. Chroma key and Slow motion feature also in this to make your video amazing.

Color adjustments and add the effect which you needed. You can do screen recording even while away from your PC. Adjust color and add effects as needed. You can easily share your project on Youtube, Google Drive, and Movavi Cloud.

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