How to Fix Chrome Error in Mac with Chrome Cleanup Tool

Is Chrome not working properly, crashes from time to time, the home page not set, the pop-up still appears on the screen after blocking the pop-up, if any of these problems occur on your Mac, you need Chrome cleanup tool.

When you browse on Google Chrome, you find that the PC is not performing well or not responding between the searches. Some people consider this to be an error of Mac or Windows and they clean up Mac storge or clean their PC with the help of a PC optimization tool. While this is not an OS error, it may be an attack from a virus, adware, or malware on your Google Chrome browser. You need to remove it immediately. In this article, we will tell you about the Google Chrome Cleanup Tool and how you can use it on your Mac or Windows.

What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a free Internet browser that is compatible with all versions of the Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms. It is the fastest as well as a secure browser. On 11 December 2008, Google officially released the Chrome browser. Since then the browser has become very popular among internet users.

Through this, you can also Synchronization with your accounts, add extensions, tabbed browsing, and block unwanted websites. Chrome’s incognito mode keeps your browsing completely secret. You just press Ctrl + Shift + N and you will jump into the new incognito mode.

What is Chrome Cleanup Tool?

The Chrome Cleanup Tool is capable of removing any flaw of the Google Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac PC. Adware, glitches, Viruses, or malware that cause Chrome problems during a visit to insecure websites, with the help of this Chrome Clean up Tool, you can clean up all the types of threats and increase the surfing speed of your browser.

By the way, there is a cleanup option already in Google Chrome, with the help of which you can find and remove harmful software or apps for your pc, but probably these options did not meet your expectations.

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How to Find Out that Chrome Needs to Cleanup?

When you feel that the Google Chrome browser is not performing very well, freezes while browsing, ads appear on the screen, even after a lot of effort, the home page is not set, or crashed, etc. Occasionally crashing Chrome is a common thing, but if it is happening too quickly then it is a matter of concern. Apart from these, there are many other reasons that you can find out, is chrome affected by threats or not.

How to Download Google Chrome Cleanup Tool Free for Windows & Mac

If we talk about Windows, you don’t have to need to install any third party chrome clean up tool when you have the Google Chrome Cleanup extension. Add it to your Chrome browser and remove Adware, malware, or spyware from the Chrome just in a couple of minutes.

But if you are a Mac user and looking for a Chrome cleaning tool, there is no need to worry, here we have good news for you, you can add Google chrome Cleaner extensions to clean Chrome on your Mac PC.

How to Use Chrome Cleanup Extension on Mac

First, add the extension to the Chrome browser by the link given above and enable it, then pin it. Now click on the extension icon and choose the time period.

chrome cleanup tool mac

Now check mark the given option which you want to clean on your Mac and Click on the Clean.

chrome cleanup tool mac

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How to Use Google Chrome Clean up Tool on Windows 10

Not only Windows 10 but this Chrome cleanup tool easily works with Windows 7, 8, & 8.1. First, go to the Chrome Cleanup tool site by the given link and click on the Download now button.

chrome cleanup tool mac

Click the Accept and Download button.

 chrome cleanup tool mac

Now run the downloaded program. This process takes time to complete.

 chrome cleanup tool mac

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Check out the video to know more.

We hope that the given methods will prove beneficial for you.

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