How to Convert JPG to PDF on Windows

Now, you don’t need to install any software or using any online service to convert the file format from JPG to PDF, if you have a Windows PC. In Windows 10, you can easily convert any JPG, PNG, and TIFF file format in PDF in just a few seconds without using any conversion tool.

When do we Need File Conversion?

The PDF file size is much smaller than JPG or PNG, due to which the file takes up less space, they can be easily uploaded by email. JPG, JPEG, TFTT, or PNG files take longer to save to the cloud, and data consumption also increases. Due to their small size, it also occupies less space in our laptop or pc. The conversion does not affect the quality of the file.

Convert JPG File in to PDF File without Software

When you work on your laptop or PC, you may have taken the help of a conversion tool or online tools to change any file format. If you have a genuine conversion software so you can easily change the file format with the help of it.

But if you do not have it and you do not want to upload your confidential File online, even if they give you the satisfaction that your file is completely safe, but you still have doubts and you don’t want to compromise your privacy then you can use the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ feature in Windows 10 to convert JPG format.

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How to Use Microsoft Print to PDF?

To convert the file format with the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF‘ feature, you have to open the JPG file in the ‘windows 10 default image viewer‘, after loading the image, press Ctrl+p. Select ‘Microsoft Print to PDF‘ option in printer option then click on Print.

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how to convert jpg to pdf on windows 10

Now give the name of the converted file, the name with which you want to save the file then click on Save.

how to convert jpg to pdf on windows 10

How to Enable Microsoft Print to PDF Option in Windows 10?

Generally, the Microsoft Print to PDF option is already enabled in Windows 10. If that option does not appear in your Windows 10, then you must enable it.

Type ‘Turn Windows Feature On or Off’ in the Windows search bar and check mark that option.

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how to convert jpg to pdf on windows 10

Now, Microsoft Print to PDF feature is enabled in your Windows 10, you can easily convert Jpg file format into PDF in a few seconds.

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