How to Create Facebook Page without Personal Account

Do you want to promote your business through Facebook and create a business page on Facebook, but do not want to link your personal account to the business page so stay connected with us till the end. Here we show you, is it possible to create FB Business page without a personal account. So let’s start friends.

Facebook has become the greatest social networking platform to connect and share your family and friends. There is hardly anyone who does not have a Facebook account at this time. Facebook not only helps to connect with people on Facebook, but you can also promote your business by creating a Facebook page.

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Is it Possible to Create a Business Facebook Page without a Personal Profile?

Guys, We get so many comments in the inbox that ask ‘can I create a Facebook page without a personal account?’ But sadly, there is no option to create a FB business page without a personal account because the Facebook page is part of Facebook that works with your personal account. You must log in to your business page through Facebook.

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In simple language, the FB page is also a form of Facebook which helps in promoting your business so that people associated with Facebook can know about your business and contact you.

If you do not have a Facebook account, create one first. Only after creating a Facebook personal account can you create a Facebook business page.

To create a Facebook account, fill in the following details and then click Sign Up.

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create facebook page without personal account

After creating a Facebook account, you can now create your business page on Facebook.

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How to Create a FB Business Page

Click the Create button at the top of the Facebook window and click on Page.

create facebook page without personal account

Get started with a Business or brand and Community or public figure to whichever page you want to create.

create facebook page without personal account

Here you have to fill in the name of your Facebook page and the necessary details about the business and click Continue. If you wish, you can also change the Facebook page name later.

create facebook page without personal account

After this short process your business page ready.

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