How to Data Recovery from Pen drive and Memory Card

In the past, recovering lost data was indeed a challenging task, but now we have a solution. Today we will tell you about one such miraculous software, which can easily recover lost data from a pen drive, hard drive, or SD card in a few minutes.

A pen drive or external hard drive is a better option to save your important data for a long time so that it can be accessed when needed. Now pen drives are also being used through OTG cable in mobile phones, so the importance of pen drives has increased and as well as the risk for data loss.

But even today there are many people who think that a pen drive is the best option to save our data, which is also true to a large extent, but sometimes a situation arises that you can lose your data, like Accidental formatting, inaccessible or virus attacks, can cause data crashes. It is a truly sad experience. Now you don’t have to worry about losing data, we will show you a simple and 100% working way for data recovery from a pen drive.

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Online Data Recovery Software

Friends, as you will know, today there are lots of online data recovery software available that claim free unlimited data recovery from a USB drive. They work or not we can’t say that, so we do not trust them and neither recommend them to use them. Although there are tons of free data recovery software available on the internet for Windows, we will suggest MiniTool Power Data Recovery software which definitely recovers your deleted files from a USB flash drive or Pen drive.

Data Recovery from Pen Drive with MiniTool PDR

Friends MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a short, powerful, and reliable software that allows you to recover data safely. This amazing tool is freely available for Windows 7, 8, and 10. Guys, now we show a complete process to data recovery, just follow my steps.

1. Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery and Install it. Here 5 options will appear on your computer screen.

data recovery from pen drive

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2. Select Digital Media Recovery for Pen drive recovery

data recovery from pen drive

3. Select your Pen drive and click the Full Scan button, the process will start. It takes time to complete.

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data recovery from pen drive

Now Your Data completely recovered.

4. Mark the files which you want to save, click the save button and give that drive location where you want to save it.

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