Best File Transfer Apps for iPhone

Friends, sometimes all of you will need to transfer documents file, video, photos or apps from your iPhone. It’s a quite easy task if you transfer a file iPhone to iPhone or any iOS device because it has an AirDrop feature that makes it simple.

But if you want to transfer files from iPhone to Android, PC to iPhone, iPhone to PC, or any other cross-platform, iPhone does not allow this function without iTunes.

Even if the iPhone has Bluetooth support, you will find it difficult to pair with an Android device, windows, or any other cross-platform based device, because for security reasons, the iPhone does not have any file transfer feature or pre-installed apps that help you transfer the file. In this case how to transfer files from Android to iPhone or iPhone to android.

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Transfer File from iPhone to Android with Third-Party Apps

We are not saying that it is impossible to transfer files from iPhone to other cross-platform. For this, you have to install the third-party file transfer apps on your iPhone. This app works via WiFi. As you can know that the file transfer speed of WiFi is very fast as compared to Bluetooth.

This app transfers large files in a blink of an eye and it is completely safe for your iPhone. In this article, we suggest, some of the best free file transfer apps for transferring a file from iPhone to Android, PC, or any other platform.

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5 Best Free File Transfer Apps for iPhone to Android or PC

  • Send Anywhere
  • Zapya
  • SHAREit
  • Portal
  • SuperBeam Lite

1. Send Anywhere – File Transfer App

The best and fastest way to transfer video, audio, apps, images, or any document file from iPhone to Android and other platform devices or computers. No login or registration required to use it. You need a 6 digit security key for send and receive files anywhere, this key auto-generated when selected files.

Until receiver does not enter 6 digit security key, the file doesn’t transfer. It’s a great feature for security purpose. Also, you can generate a link for multiple sharing which is valid for 48 hours. You can play the received video and audio files in this app and you can also make a playlist of the audio file.

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2. Zapya – File Sharing

One of the best file transfer apps that helps in transferring audio, video, photos and documents from iPhone to Android, Windows or other cross-platform. 400 million satisfied users in whole the world and users are increasing continuously. Zapya uses a multi-pair connectivity framework to support file sharing between iOS and Mac devices, basically like AirDrop.

No internet required for using Zapya. It has a user-friendly interface and supports many languages. Experience the fastest file transfer app without any spending. You can transfer files with scan QR Code and add other people at the same time. Zapya file transfer speed can be up to 10 MB / sec, it is capable of transferring files up to 260 images in a minute.

3. SHAREit – Connect & Transfer

SHAREit is a well-known name in the file transfer app in the App Store, which is much faster than Bluetooth. With SHAREit, you can easily transfer photos, videos, audio, and documents, etc. from iPhone to Android or Windows without internet and its transfer speed can be up to 30MB/s.

SHAREit Vault is an integrated encryption module through which you can securely share photos and videos from iPhone and it helps in protecting your privacy against threats. You can enjoy music anywhere with SHAREit app, this feature added in this recently.

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4. Portal – Wifi File Transfers

Share your Videos, Photos, Audio, Apps and word or pdf files from iPhone to Android just in few seconds . It transfers files much faster than Bluetooth, the file size does not affect its transfer speed even then if your file is more than 1 GB. No need to login, No registration required, just install the Portal and start transfer file from iPhone to any other cross-platform.

You can transfer a single file, single video or entire a folder. You don’t need to use mobile data for transfer files. Portal, automatically save your transfer images or video in the gallery.

5. SuperBeam Lite |Easy & fast WiFi direct file Sharing

SuperBeam Lite also one of the best file Sharing apps which free available on Apps store. It is the quite simple and fastest way to transfer movies, photos, audio, or any documents files from the iPhone to Android, computer or any other platform via wifi. You can be paired with devices using a QR code or manual sharing key for files transfer.

Send files on another device at the same time. It is very convenient as well as fast. Don’t worry about duplicate files or the same name file, SuperBeam automatically keeps all your files safe by adding unique numbers to duplicate file names.

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