Is Your Private Data Safe on Google Drive?

Is Google drive secure? Obviously, this question will come to everyone’s mind when they store their personal data on Google Drive. Today through this article, we are going to share with you information related to Google Drive that is very important to know you.

In this digital age, cloud storage service is very important, today almost everyone uses cloud services, even if they are unaware of it. There are WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Photos, and many apps that require cloud storage to back up data so that if you have to reinstall these messenger apps due to losing the device or for any other reason, you can easily restore your data from the cloud storage backup.

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What is Google Drive?

Friends, as you know, Google developed this cloud-based file storage and synchronization service in 2012 which we know as Google Drive. You can store your private photos, videos, chat messages, documents, or any other personal information permanently and you can easily share files with Google Drive and access your data from anywhere around the world through your mobile or computer. Google Drive gives 15GB of free storage to its users to keep their personal data store.

How to Get More Storage on Google Drive

Friends, as we mentioned above, Google offers free data storage limited to 15 GB on Google Drive. But this does not mean that you cannot store data over the limit. After 15GB is full, you can purchase its 100GB or 200GB premium plan. In addition to Google, there are many companies such as Microsoft OneDrive, Apple’s iCloud, Dropbox, LiveDrive, Sync, IDrive, and more that provide free and premium cloud storage services.

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Is Google Drive Safe?

Google confirms that whatever data you store on Google Drive stored in secure data centers that are fully encrypted. Google only allows the account holder to access those files, no other person, even a Google employee, can access that data. You can share any file folder with password-protected. No third person can access that data between you and the target user. As we also mentioned above, there are many cloud services other than Google which provide you the service of storing data online.

One of these cloud service providers is Apple. Apple iCloud had a leak on 31 August 2014, In which several celebrity pictures were leaked. However, Apple later claimed that it was a spear-phishing attack. But after that incident, people are Unconvincing about cloud services. We do not criticize Google Drive or any other cloud service, but we request you to use any cloud service at your discretion.

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What is Google Drive Encryption

We have told you above how Google drive keeps your stored data secure. But when you transfer any of your photos, videos, or documents from PC to Google Drive, the risk of data theft is greatly increased. Hackers can divert your data from the target location. It is almost impossible to stop hackers’ activities so 256-bit SSL / TLS encryption used to secure Google Drive files.

Under this, when your data transferred, it is transferred as a type of code, which is decoded only on your target device. Even if someone steals data in the middle, it will be impossible to access it. Apart from all this, whenever you share a file or folder with someone you know, you should protect it with a password, so as to avoid any unpleasant situations in the future.

Why do You Need a Password to Protect the Google Drive Folder

Google Drive is a type of locker in which you save your personal data such as passports, driving licenses, voter ID cards, and other official and non-official documents as soft copies. So that when you need it, you can access and download them and you can also share these files directly from here.

To keep your private information secret, it is necessary to protect a file or folder with a password while sharing, so that only those who have the password can access that file or folder. Although there is no direct option to protect folders in Google Drive, you can do this by creating a Google Form.

How to Sign-in on Google Drive

You must have a Gmail account to store your data in Google Drive. If you do not have it, create it first.

Enter your Gmail ID and password to sign in Google.

how secure is google drive

Click on the 9 dots that appear in the top right. and click on Google drive icon.

how secure is google drive

Now you will see the image below your computer screen. Now to save the file, click on the given + icon and select the file.

how secure is google drive

Your saved data stored permanently on Google Drive, you can delete your data if you wish. After deletion your data goes to the trash, from there you can restore it as well. By the time you delete it, the data remains in the trash. But from 13 October 2020, Google is going to make some changes to its cloud service, under which your files stored on the trash will be automatically deleted in 30 days.

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