How to Rename Existing Facebook Page

If you have an individual or business Facebook page, but the name is not appropriate and you want to rename the name then you have reached the right place, here we have a magical trick to change the existing Facebook page.

Friends, as you know, Facebook has become the most popular social network today. There is hardly anyone who does not have an account on Facebook. Through Facebook, we can share our pictures, videos, or thoughts with our friends or family members. Apart from all this, Facebook also provides us employment-related facilities like Facebook Ads and Facebook Bussines page.

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Why is a Facebook Page Needed and What are its Benefits?

The Facebook page has become a major source of advertising. If you are a celebrity, director of an organization or a company, or have a business, then Facebook gives you the opportunity to highlight your personality or business. Facebook does not charge you any fees for creating this page. To create a page on Facebook, you must have an account on Facebook. You can give your Facebook page the name of your company, your business, or your own and can also change it if needed. If you already have a Facebook page and you want to change its name, you can follow our shown method.

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How to Edit Facebook Page Name?

Until recently, Facebook did not have a provision to change the name of the Facebook page, but now it is. You do not need any computer or laptop to change the name, you can change the name of your Facebook page in just a few steps through your mobile. So let us know how you can rename your FB page.

Step 1. Go to your Phone Chrome Browser and type in the search box. The image below appears on your mobile screen, enter your Facebook account details to log in to your account.

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how to change facebook page name

Step 2. After login, tap on the three rows on the top right corner and tap on pages then tap on the page which wants to rename.

Step 3. After landing on the page, tap the three dots on the top right corner then tap on Edit Page.

how to change facebook page name

Step 4. Choose the Page info option from the given options, now remove the existing name and type the appropriate page name, then tap on the Continue button.

how to change facebook page name

Step 5. Confirm the name of the page you have provided and tap on the Request Change button.

how to change facebook page name

Final Words:-

Friends, though Facebook has the page rename feature available. But we should avoid doing so. If you need too much, then you change the name of the Facebook page. Doing so may affect your page followers. It would be better if you announce it in advance so that your followers are not confused.

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