How to Clean Up Mac System Storage

While working on a Mac, it is common for most users to encounter full storage issues, the increase of cache files in the Mac system may also be one of the reasons for this. Just as we need to clean up viruses from Mac, we also have to regularly wipe cache junk, temporary or junk files from storage so that it can work properly without any complication. If you are one of them, you are in the right place at this time. Here we’ll show you a simple way to manage Mac storage and clean it.

How does a Storage Problem Occur on a Mac

There is no doubt that Mac is quite powerful and fastest software as compared to other software and that is the reason Apple has built Mac for its systems. But sometimes when the Mac slows down or gets stuck it bothers you and you think about going to a service center or getting the help of a technician, but you can fix these issues yourself.

One of the reasons for these issues in the Mac may be the creation of cache files. Whenever you do anything on the MacBook, install or uninstall any software, some unnecessary cache files are created in the Mac. These files can be quite large, which reduces space on your Mac’s hard drive, hindering Mac’s performance speed.

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How do You Know if a Mac Needs Storage Cleaned

Whenever you getting ‘Your startup disk is almost full’ pop-up appears on the Mac screen or the performance speed of the Mac seems low, you should immediately optimize Storage Space in System. Optimization is very important for clean and increasing the space of your Mac storage. System optimization saves your data (photos, videos, or any other program) on iCloud. They occur in your Mac but do not take space on your Mac. You can download (without losing quality) them whenever you want.

If your Mac still has storage problems, then you need to delete the cache, junk files, and other unnecessary files In ‘Other’ storage. But most people do not know how to delete those files? Here we have explained in detail how to clean your Mac so that you can easily free Mac storage.

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How to Free Up Space on Mac

  • Clean Up ‘Other’ Storage on Mac
  • Remove Cache from Mac
  • Umate Mac Cleaner Tool

Clean Up ‘Other’ Storage on Mac

Before deleting, you need to check which category is taking up so much space in Mac storage. For this follow the below steps.

Step 1. Click the Apple icon at the top left of the screen then click on About This Mac and select Storage.

how to clean up your mac storage

Here you can see full details of the data (audio, photos, movies, apps, backup, and other) present in Mac.

When you check MAC storage, you will see the ‘other’ space in the storage bar. Inside ‘Other’, Mac system contains temporary files, cache files, macOS system folders, personal data of all users, hidden files, and more files are stored in it. By wipe these files, you can increase the storage capacity of Mac.

Step 2. First of all, you remove all the apps that you don’t use, along with these apps, their updates also take up more space in the storage, which can cause ‘low disk space’ problems.

After this process, you should remove the cache files, temporary files, and other unwanted files from ‘other’ that should not be there.

Click on Go> select Go to Folder then type ~/Library and click on Go. Here you can see all stored files folder in ‘Other’

how to clean up your mac storage

Here we show you if you want delete cache files from Mac.

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Remove Cache from Mac

By default, cache files are a hidden folder inside a Mac. You can search and delete these files by the methods mentioned above or you can directly access the cache folder with the below-mentioned methods. Whenever you install the application on your Mac, this folder is automatically created.

When works on these applications or any other software, cache files are created in this folder. Therefore, you should delete those useless files and not the entire folder. If you are unsure of selecting cache files that are worst, then you can use the help of Mac Optimization tools to get a better result.

Step 1. Click on Go> select Go to Folder then type ~/Library/Cache and click on Go.

how to clean up your mac storage

You will see many more folders inside the cache folder, select the worst files from these folders and delete them.

how to clean up your mac storage

In addition, you can remove other unwanted files in a similar way clean to Mac storage.

Umate Mac Cleaner Tool

MyFone Umate Mac cleaner tool is the best and smart way to get rid out of storage issues on Mac. With the help of the Mac Cleaner tool you can remove junk files, temp files cache files from your Mac in a few minutes, and improve Mac performance. This tool is not free, for this, you have to pay a small amount and you can keep your Mac free from all types of Temp Files for one year.


  • Clear junk files in two steps Quick Clean & Deep Clean.
  • Delete duplicate files to regain wasted space.
  • Easily manage unused applications and extensions.
  • Improve your Mac speed and boot time just in a click.
  • Find and delete files larger than 50 MB.
  • Supported macOS 10.09, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, & 10.15.
  • Supported devices MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini

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We hope this information is useful to you. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can ask us to feel free.

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