How to Delete the Virus from iPhone without Antivirus

New viruses are being created every day by hackers to penetrate our privacy. Most of us keep the details of our bank, personal photos, official documents on our phones. Hackers can easily erase and steal your personal data through viruses and malware. We should be careful with them. This can harm our iPhone. Today we will show you how to delete virus from iPhone without any antivirus.

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Can the Virus Get on the iPhone?

Friends, most of the mobile users think that the iPhone or iPad is a very safe device, the virus does not come in. To a great extent, it is also right. Apple has made all its devices extremely secure. But despite this, hackers are capable of breaking this security. There are some examples of this. Whenever we compromise the security of our iPhone, then the risk of viruses and malware attacks increases. We must be alert of virus and delete immediately from the iPhone.

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What Causes the Virus to Come?

Sometimes you compromise the security of your iPhone in an attempt to download third-party applications on your iPhone. As you know, the virus cannot come in your phone unless you download a file from the Internet or from a friend in your phone. That is why the jailbreak option is given in the iphone which prevents you from any kind of unsecure downloading. Do not do this to protect your iPhone from viruses. If you have a virus on your iPhone for some other reason, you should try to remove them immediately.

How can Remove the Virus from iPhone?

Although the iPhone is a safe device, if you think your iPhone has a virus or Apple problem or iPhone performance is slow, then you need to worry about it. Here we have one of the greatest and 100% safe tricks that help you to remove the virus and malware from your iPhone without using any antivirus.

Step: 1

  • First of all, clean the Safari browser history because sometimes the problem we perceive as a virus may come from surfing through Safari. If this does not solve your problem, then proceed to the next step.

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Step: 2

If your iPhone is set on automatic backup, then you can restore your iPhone to that point when there was no problem with your iPhone.
For automatic backup
Settings> iCloud> turn on backup
For Restore in Factory Mode
GO Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings

how to delete virus from iPhone

After this, your iPhone is ready to use.

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