How to Delete Win Log Files in Windows 10

Windows 10 is much better than previous versions, but the win log files stored in Windows 10 sometimes affect PC performance and can slow down Windows. You should periodically delete these files to improve Windows performance. Today we will give you some great tips with the help of which you can easily delete win log files from Windows 10.

Before knowing how to delete win log files, we know what win log files are and how they are stored in PC?

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What are Win Log Files and How it Creates in Windows 10?

Friends, as you may know, that whenever you work on Windows, many temporary, cache and junk files are created in Windows. Similarly, Win log files also become Windows. These files contain messages about the windows, including the kernel, services, and applications running on it and these files monitor all Windows activities and record the errors that occur during software installation that can be accessed to troubleshoot the system.

In addition, many win log files are also created Windows 10 during each step of the upgrade process, these files can be large and take up more space on the hard drive, which may affect your windows performance, so it is necessary to delete them. It is not possible to see these files because these files are hidden by default for Windows Security. You can view these hidden files by configuring the Windows File Explorer.

3 Ways to Delete Win Log Files in Windows 10

  • Command Prompt
  • Event Viewer
  • PC Cleanup Tool

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1. Delete Log Files using Command Prompt

Step 1. Press Win+R and Type cmd in dialogue box.

how to delete win log files in windows 10

Step 2. Type cd/ and press Enter, type cd windows and press Enter, now type del *.log /a /s /q /f then press Enter.

how to delete win log files in windows 10

This process takes 1- 2 minutes to delete all log files from windows 10.

Apart from this, you can also remove Win People files via cmd file.

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Remove Windows log files with CMD file

  • First of all, you need to create a cmd file, copy the text below to create a cmd file.

@echo off

FOR /F “tokens=1,2*” %%V IN (‘bcdedit’) DO SET adminTest=%%V

IF (%adminTest%)==(Access) goto noAdmin

for /F “tokens=*” %%G in (‘wevtutil.exe el’) DO (call :do_clear “%%G”)


echo Event Logs have been cleared! ^<press any key^>

goto theEnd


echo clearing %1

wevtutil.exe cl %1

goto :eof


echo You must run this script as an Administrator!

echo ^<press any key^>



  • Open Notepad and paste text here.
  • Save file as .cmd.
  • Run the file as an administrator.

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2. Delete Win Log and Crash Logs files with Clear Event Viewer

You can delete system event log files in Windows 7, 8, & 10 with the event viewer command.

Step 1. Press Win+R and type eventvwr.msc in the dialogue box to find the Windows event logs location.

how to delete win log files in windows 10

Here as you can see below image all win log files appear, you just select which files you want to delete and click on Clear Log.

how to delete win log files in windows 10

3. Clean Win Log and Crash Logs Files with PC Cleanup Tools

Friends, today a lot of PC optimization tools are freely available which you can easily download in Windows 10 and clean up PC. These PC cleanup tools help to delete win log files, cache files, junk files, and temporary files for Windows 10 and speed up your PC.

Windows Update Cleanup

If you do not want to spend money on cleanup tools then you can improve the performance of your PC or laptop with manual disk cleanup. The Disk Cleanup removes Windows Update files, temporary files, temporary Internet files, and other unused files from the Windows. Follow the step to manually disk cleanup.

  • Press Windows Key+R and type cleanmgr in the search box then click on OK.
  • Select the drive you want to clean.
  • Mark the options you want to remove.

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