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Friends, as you know, iPhone x is a spectacular phone. Performance and technology are fantastic, there is no doubt in it, but one thing that disappointing is, its battery draining fast. Every single user of the iPhone X is troubling for battery draining fast issue. The reason for this is somewhat the default setting of its updated version. Today we will tell you how to fix iPhone X battery draining fast, to make some changes in the setting of your iPhone x.

What the Causes for iPhone X Battery Draining Fast

Friends, the main reason for the problem of battery draining in iPhone is to shut down the apps which are running in its background. We think these apps reduce battery, but it is not. Apple has made it clear that in the latest version like iOS 11 or iOS 12, those apps which are running in the background go to automatically sleep mode, so that they have to take less power to open it again, and Battery life is improved.

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How to Improve Your iPhone’s Battery

Friends, to improve your iPhone x battery, follow the tips.

  1. Goto >setting> Privacy> Location Services and click that apps which you are not used. You can see three option on the screen, Never, While Using, and Always. Select ‘Never’ those apps because they track your location in background and empty your iPhone’s battery.
How to Fix iPhone x Battery Draining Fast

2. Disable Notification Alert, Stop Notification alert of those apps which is not useful for you. they cause of reducing battery life.

Goto> Setting> Notification,

How to Fix iPhone x Battery Draining Fast

3. Turn Off Background App Refresh, Such as you know, All the apps in your iPhone are refreshed in the background. Whether you use them or not, they constantly use your data in refreshing, which reduce your iPhone battery, so those apps which are not useful, disable that background refresh.

Goto> Setting> General

How to Fix iPhone x Battery Draining Fast

4. Turn Off ‘Handoff’, Most o the iPhone user will know about ‘Handoff’. Through this, whatever you are working on your iPhone, at the same time, you can continue your work on any Apple device. So, if you do not use it, then turn it off. This is also a source of battery reducing.

Goto> Setting> General> Handoff & Suggested Apps

5. Turn off Significant locations, iPhone Analytics, Popular Near Me, and Routing & Traffic, From these features, Apple constantly monitors you, monitors your data and reduces the battery.

Goto> Setting> Privacy> Location Services> System Services> Significant Locations

How to Fix iPhone x Battery Draining Fast

So friends, hope you liked this article, you will also get such useful information in the future.

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