How to Recover Snapchat Messages

Have you lost your memories of Snapchat and have no idea how to get it back? then you are landing at the right place, here we provide a complete guide to recover your deleted Snapchat memories.

Snapchat is an American messaging app. The main feature of Snapchat is that pictures and messages are only available for a short time before they become inaccessible to their recipients. As of March 2020, Snap chat had 229 million daily active users. On average, more than 5 billion Snaps are sent each day. Snapchat is the most popular app among the younger generations.

In Snapchat, people make streaks with other Snapchat users by sending snaps to each other and even to friends. But for maintaining a streak both users have to share a snap daily. If one fails to send a snap for a day or two then the streak which the two users had made will definitely get broken.

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So each user tries their best to send a snap and gives their full efforts to maintain a streak. You can add stories in Snapchat just as you add in Instagram. Stories are visible for 24 hours only. The best part of Snapchat stories is that you can share them as friends only or you can share them with everyone.

Most Snapchat users ask a question in the comment box, can you recover deleted Snapchat memories? Friends, in this article we will show you the easiest way to recover deleted Snapchat photos. But first, know how to save Snapchat memories.

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How to Save Snapchat Memories

In Snapchat, you can click photos and you can also save the posts by just clicking on the download button. The saved photos are stored in Snapchat as your memories and you can view your memories for a lifetime. These memories will also be visible in your phone gallery. You can save photos, videos, and even your funny acts.

How to Recover Snapchat Deleted Pictures

Friends, through this post we will clear all your doubts about recovering deleted memories on Snapchat.So let’s learn about the steps to recover the deleted Snapchat memories:-

Step1. The first step is to open the profile on Snapchat from the top-left icon. Click on the bitmoji which is on the left from the search button.

how to recover deleted snapchat memories

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Step 2. After this step go on to settings option and click it.

how to recover deleted snapchat memories

Step 3. Swipe down and Search for My Data under the privacy section.

how to recover deleted snapchat memories

Step 4. There are many options in the My Data section and you can restore all the options that can be restored easily. 

how to recover deleted snapchat memories

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Step 5. After this step click on Submit Request option. When you will submit the request you will see that a dialog box gets open.

how to recover deleted snapchat memories

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Step 6. In that dialog box, you can see that there is an email id shown in the message. All the deleted data will be delivered to your e-mail id by Snapchat. It will take some time to receive the email that contains your deleted data.

Step 7. The mail that you will get from the snapchat will look like this. As you can see there is a  link here.

how to recover deleted snapchat memories

Step 8. Just click on the link and recover your snapchat deleted data. 

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