How to Send Encrypted Email in Gmail or Outlook

Given the increasing cybercrime, we should be more careful while sending and receiving emails. Because even through email, hackers can access your computers and steal your data. This does not mean that your data is stolen by sending emails, rather we want to say, you should send an encrypted email via Gmail so that you can protect your privacy.

Friends, most people keep their personal information, documents, bank details on their mobile phone or laptop so that they can get them if they need them. But perhaps you will be aware that hackers can easily enter your laptop or mobile phone via email and can steal your personal data and information in the blink of an eye. When you share any of your information, documents or bank details with an email from your acquaintance and your mail is not secure then hackers can easily hack them.

Friends, no need to worry too much about email security. Now you can easily protect your email. Protect your privacy with secure email provider Ctemplar. Today in this article we show you how to send encrypted email from Gmail and outlook to avoid hacking and unwanted access.

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What is Email Encryption and When is it necessary?

The encrypted email can read only the sender and receiver. Encryption converts email text into ciphertext so that it unreadable appears for anyone, it can be only read by someone with the right decryption key. In simple language, encryption makes the contents of your email inaccessible.

There is no need to encrypt the email to send any normal email, but whenever you email your confidential account number, login password, or personal documents via Gmail or outlook, you need to end-to-end email encryption because hackers cannot access encrypted email and their attachments. Encryption is the only secure way to send your personal information via email. A secure email protects you from problems such as spamming, phishing, bank fraud, and website hacking. Gmail also provides the facility of sending secure emails.

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How to Send a Secure Email in Outlook

Outlook gives two options to send a secure email, through which you can send the encrypted email. Here we tell you about both options to send the email.

1. S/MIME encryption  

This option will appear on your computer screen if the S / MIME certificate is installed on your computer and sender and receiver must have a mail application that supports the S / MIME standard

1. Click on the File menu, select Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings,

2. Select Email security(in the left panel).

3. Encrypted Email and choose settings.

4. Now click on Certificates and Algorithms

5. Click on the Choose then select the S/MIME certificate and click OK.

2. Office 365 Message Encryption

Encrypt single email

1. Click File> Properties

2. Click Security Settings>Encrypt message content and attechments

3. Now compose your email and send it.

Now if we talk about the Gmail.

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How to Send Encrypted Email with Gmail

As you know, Gmail is the most popular email worldwide. Millions of users use Gmail every day. Gmail has a Confidential Mode to improve the security of your user privacy and send secure mail. You can set the expiration date for emails sent by Confidential Mode. At the chosen time, your email will be automatically removed from the receiver’s inbox. In confidential mode, you can prevent your sent email from being forwarded, copied, printed, or downloaded and can also create a passcode that has been provided by Google.

Although Gmail now also has the facility of sending a secure email, Gmail is a commercial email service for which encryption is not at the top of the priority list and if you are unsure about its security policy. You can trust CTemplar to keep your privacy 100% secret.

How to Send Secure Email in Gmail via CTempar

CTemplar is a secure email provider that provides you with email encryption as well as other email security protection which is required by you. There is no need to worry about hacking and spamming with CTemplar, it is always with you for your right to privacy, civil liberties, and anonymity.

In the CTemplar you get Encrypted attachments/content body / Subject, Virus protection, 2FA security, Anti-phishing phrase, Brute-force proof, Zero-knowledge password, Self-destructing emails, Exclusive beta access, Remote encrypted link, and more.

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Trusted Encryption Service

CTemplar provides powerful and trusted encryption encryption and state-of-the-art technologie that ensures the confidential of your email, no one other than the receiver can access the email you send, even to CTampler itself.


CTemplar gives you 100% privacy protection and supporting anonymous usage which never stores your personal data.

Follow Icelandic Law

Iceland law based CTemapler that allows anonymous use and immediate deletion of your email.

4-Wall Protection for Malware

CTemplar gives an exclusive 4-Wall Protection guarantee against Malware and Virus and complete wall-to-wall protection of your data.

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