How to Increase Internet Speed in Android Mobile and Tablets

It’s a simple thing to have a mobile phone in today’s time, all sort of activities, we need a mobile phone and the internet is a significant part of mobile phones without internet mobile phone is incomplete. The Internet has made the world very small. Now we are using the 4g network and the 5g network is under testing. , but sometimes we are not satisfied with the 4g network, it’s run too slow, and performance is disappointing, but friends don’t worry about this, today we tell you, how to speed up your Android mobile phone internet.

Some Useful Tips to Boost Internet Speed in Android Device

Well, friends you all of the use internet in your Android mobile phones, some for official purpose, some for connecting with social networks. and some of the other works, somewhere the internet has become a necessity for everyone. Along with the Internet, good speed of the internet is also important. If you are facing slow internet problem so stay connected with us, we’ll tell you a simple method to how can speed up your Android mobile phones.

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Uninstall Unwanted Apps

First, search those apps which you install for use, but now don’t use it, or unwanted apps which installed via popups, uninstall all those apps. These apps running background stay connected with internet and reducing internet speed. After removing the apps restart your Android phone, this process will make a difference in the speed of the Internet.

Clear Cache Data

Whenever we download the app in our phone or use pre-installed apps, play games, chat, use WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or surfing internet, cached files Android mobile Is gathered in this reduces the speed of the mobile and the internet. For Clear Cache, follow the step

Goto Settings> Device care> Storage> Clean now

Clean up Mobile Home Screen

Remove any apps shortcut, widgets, live wallpaper, or third party themes, which is you download. Just blank your home screen, all these affected the internet speed.

Network settings

Friends, to speed up the Internet, you can also optimize your network settings, these settings are completely secure. And does not harm your Android device. Go to the Android Network settings and select the GSM / WCDMA / LTE option. If your Android device is 4G LTE enabled, then be sure to turn it on. Most Android phones have automatic network selection option enabled, but you need to uncheck it and select the manual network.

Use Ads Block

Usually, you do not pay much attention to ads coming to your android phone, but the fact is that these incoming ads have an impact on our internet speed. Blocking these ads will allow you to see the speed of your internet changes. You can download Ad Blocker from the Play Store to block these ads. In some browsers, you can download this by Add-on feature.

Use Fast Web Browser

For Internet surfing, use a fast internet browser, because the browser also influences your internet speed. Generally, phones also have a fast browser. If you do not have in your phone then you can download it from the Play Store. Google Chrome and Uc browser are one of the fast browsers.

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