How To Unzip Password Protected Zip File Without Password

ZIP is the file A ZIP file is a file that has its contents compressed for storage. To keep the data safe from prying eyes, we include passwords in various files and folders, such as ZIP files, RAR files, etc. However, you are irritated when you need to access that file but have forgotten the password.

We have included detailed instructions on How Can Access A Locked Zip File If You Forgot The Password? It is unnecessary to use laborious methods to unzip a password-protected zip file. You may also quickly access a password-protected zip file by following the easy steps.

If you have problems opening a Zip archive, it might be because the ZIP file is corrupted or damaged. The Zip Repair utility can repair broken archives and restore access to their contents.

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How Can Access Encrypted Zip File If You Forgot The Password

You can open password-protected zip files in 3 genuine methods.

1. Open Password Protected ZIP File Online

The first way is to use an online tool to reset the ZIP file password. Several websites may assist you in recovering the ZIP file password for free. We’ll go through a particular web tool for it here. Let’s go into specifics:

1: Go to first. This is the program that will assist you in recovering the file’s password.

2: After opening this page, click on “Choose File.”

Following that will give you the option of selecting a password-protected ZIP file from your computer. Select the ZIP file from which you wish to retrieve the password here.

3: Next, choose “uncompress the file.”

This website will upload this file to their server and re-convert it to ZIP format while erasing the original ZIP file’s password.

4: Once the process is done, you will be given the option to download. You may now download your ZIP file and access it without a password.

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2. Recover Encrypted Zip File Password with iMyFone Passper (Zip Password Recovery Tool)

iMyFone Passper is the best ZIP password recovery tool, with a high success rate. It restores lost or forgotten passwords and .zipx archives made by WinZip/7-Zip/PKZIP/WinRAR, even if the password is unknown to you.

Passper is a sub-brand of the high-tech firm iMyFone, which has been trusted and recommended by well-known review sites. As a consequence, the tool is risk-free. Below are the main features of iMyFone Passper

iMyFone Passper for ZIP has the following features:

  • The iMyFone Passper provides four intelligent and tailored assault strategies that may significantly minimize the number of candidate passwords, reducing recovery time and increasing the recovery rate.
  • The program can verify 10,000 passwords per second thanks to superior technologies and multicore CPU and GPU acceleration.
  • It’s pretty simple to use. You can unlock the encrypted ZIP file in only three steps. There are no particular abilities required.
  • It does not need an internet connection during the operation. Therefore your data will not be uploaded to its server. Your data’s privacy is 100% guaranteed.
  • The tool has the potential to save the recovery procedure. As a result, you may pause the system at any moment and continue it later.

Let’s See How iMyFone Passper Works

1. First, press the “+” button to import the password-protected ZIP archive into the software.

how to unzip password protected zip file without password

2. After that, you may need to choose a proper decryption technique from four alternatives.

Dictionary Attack: This is a way of trying prepared passwords on a list to estimate the password. You may import a password list or utilize the built-in collection, including millions of commonly used human passwords. When compared to other assault options, this is the quickest.

Combination Attack: You may select which numbers, symbols, and characters should be used in the password. Then, depending on the password length you provide, it will generate different character combinations to search for the correct password.

Mask Attack: Use this option if you can only remember a portion of your password. It would be best to input specific characters or character sequences while utilizing this approach.

Brute Force Attack: This method works by guessing all potential passwords until the right one is found. The more possibilities that are tested, the longer the password. As a result, the healing time will rise proportionally.

how to unzip password protected zip file without password

3. After choosing an appropriate style of assault, click the “Recover” button to begin the recovery process. After the recovery procedure is completed, the recovered password will be accessible. The password may then be copied to unlock the encrypted ZIP file.

how to unzip password protected zip file without password

3. Unzip password protected zip file with NSIS

Another way to read password-protected ZIP files with NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System). Now, let’s look at how you can use this approach to unzip a password-protected zip file:

1: First, download and Install NSIS on your Laptop or PC.

2: After you run it, you will see many options. Under the “Compiler” section, choose the “Installer based on ZIP file” option.

3: A new window will display when you choose “Installer based on the ZIP file,” a new window will display. To go to the location of your password-protected ZIP file, tap on the “Open” button. Then, proceed to “Output EXE File,” click the “Browse” button, and choose the directory to store the EXE file generated. Then, tap the “Generate” button to begin the process.

4: When the procedure is finished, and the EXE file has been created, exit the “ZIP2EXE” dialogue box.

5: To create an EXE file, double-click it and tap the “Install” button.

6: Finally, the password-protected ZIP file will be immediately unlocked after the installation is complete. You may now access the password-protected ZIP file without entering a password.

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What Is Password Protected Zip File?

Breaking down each word is the simplest method to grasp the phrase “Password Protected Zip File.” When you look closely, you can see the whole tale.

‘Password protected’ indicates that the sender has password-protected the file. You cannot access or see its content unless you have the correct password. File encryption is the method of safeguarding files. It “scrambles,” or cyphers, the data inside the file, resulting in the unreadable ciphertext.

Only by entering the correct password will you be able to unscramble the data, restoring it to readable “plain text” and gaining access to its contents. But what exactly is a “zip file?” Zip is a file format that stuff data without losing compression.

The file format is an excellent method to share several files or folders since it allows you to put everything into one file while enjoying decreased file size due to compression. A password-protected zip file implies that someone has encrypted a zip (.zip) file and requires the correct password to open and access it.

Why Zip file Is Not Opening?

This section will explain the most common reasons you can’t open your Zip file. The following are some of the reasons why compressed or Zip files will not open:

Incomplete downloads

If zip files are not perfectly downloaded, they may decline to open. Incomplete downloads also occur when files get stuck due to a faulty internet connection or an inconsistent network connection, all of which may create transfer errors, alter your Zip files, and render them unreadable.

Inadequate Compression

File compression may be interrupted due to unanticipated events such as a power outage or a low battery, resulting in a system shutdown. This might corrupt the file while it is being compressed. As a result, the Zip file may get corrupted and fail to open.

Corruption in the Files

There are many reasons why your Zip files are so tough to open. The header corruption is a kind of corruption that prevents Zip files from opening. The “header” feature of a Zip file is responsible for storing information such as the file name, the date you produced it, the file size, etc. The information in a header is required for opening or accessing the file’s contents. If the title is faulty, the Zip file will refuse to open.

File Extension Modification

A Zip file may be severely damaged if its extension is changed to a format that Windows does not accept. It may not open when you attempt to extract data from a highly damaged Zip file; it may not open.

Infections caused by viruses

If your Zip file is stored on an external storage device and the device is destroyed due to risks such as magnetic fields, dangerously high temperatures, or even mechanical stress, the drive’s contents, including the Zip file, may be affected. Even if the disc is subsequently fixed, this might result in corruption and the inability to access the Zip. Another cause might be that you have forgotten your encrypted archive file password. This is only valid if you initially password-protected your Zip file.

Other Factors

Another cause of the 0xc10100bf problem is an improper file extension. This usually happens when you rename a file without first converting it using a specialist video conversion program or application.

How Can You Keep Hackers Out of Your Zip Files?

There are several methods for safeguarding oneself from hackers. Use a combination of more than one approach from the list below for appropriate security.

1. In both home and workplace networks, use a firewall.

2. Download antivirus software and keep it up to date with the most recent definitions.

3. Use complex passwords and change them at least once a month.

4. Use spam filters and avoid clicking on links in spam emails.

5. Back up your data regularly.

6. For further protection, use two-factor authentication.

7. Encrypt all hard discs. On Windows, use BitLocker, and on Mac, use FileVault.

8. When feasible, update your operating system.

9. Only use secured HTTP wherever feasible.

10. Install mac filters in routers and use more brutal Wi-Fi passwords.

11. Never share your passwords or your computer with anybody else.

12. Never connect to free public Wi-Fi hotspots.


So far, we’ve seen three different ways of techniques on How To Unzip Password Protected Zip File Without A Password. Rather than selecting an untrustworthy approach, it is always preferable to adopt the correct method all at once. The first technique puts the information in your file in danger.

I will suggest you the second technique “iMyfone Passper” is efficient, safe, and simple to apply. We always advise people to utilize this strategy. The final approach does not always provide the contents of your ZIP file. The unzipped files may sometimes be empty.

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