A Complete Guide to Password Protect Google Drive Files and Folders

You must have known about Google Drive. Today millions of people use Google Drive to save their personal and official data. Google drive is quite a better and secure way to store private and confidential data that you can access from anywhere and share with anyone whenever you want. In this article, we will provide a complete guide to password protect the Google drive folder. But first, know what google drive is and how beneficial it is with you.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a free cloud storage service provider. In which you can store your personal photos, voter ID, driving license, passport, and other confidential documents as a soft copy, so that they can be accessed, downloaded, and share when needed.

But even today misconceptions are spread among people towards Google Drive. Many people are still confused about whether the stored data on Google Drive is secure? While Google confirms that any data you store on Google Drive stored in secure data centers is fully encrypted, it’s natural for you to worry about data security and you are always alert about your data security.

Along with saving files on Google Drive, you can share any file or folder directly and also give special permission to access it as per your requirement. You can also protect shared folders with passwords. However, Google Drive does not have a password option to protect a shared file or folder. But this does not mean that you will need a third-party tool for this. Here we show how to share a folder and file with password protection in Google Drive without any software.

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How to Protect a File or Folder with the Password on Google Drive

As we mentioned above, there is no direct password protection option for sharing files or folder links in Google Drive. But you can easily share the link to any particular file or folder through Google Form by password protection. Let’s know how Google Form is created.

Step 1. First of all, choose the folder or file which you want to share and right-click on it then click on share.

password protect google drive folder

Step 2. Copy the given link and select ‘Anyone with the link‘.

password protect google drive folder

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Step 3. Now click on the (+ New ) button on Google drive and select Google Forms then select Blank form.

password protect google drive folder

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Step 4. Name the form and short description, if you want. Click on the (+) to add a question. Give any name in the Question filed, click on Multiple choice, and choose the Short question then turn on the Required button.

password protect google drive folder

Step 5. Now select Text from the drop-down button, another drop-down button leave as itis, Type PASSWORD in the next filed, type error text if you want then click on the Setting icon which appears on the Red box.

password protect google drive folder

Step 6. Select Presentation, type Confirmation message and paste the file or folder link that you copied then Save it and click on the Send button.

password protect google drive folder

Step 7. Your file is password protected, now you can send it via email.

password protect google drive folder

Final words:- Password protection is the safest way to share a file or folder from Google Drive. Under this, if your file is sent to the wrong email, then there is nothing to worry about. The person cannot open that file without a password.

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