How can Remove Virus from Windows 10 without Antivirus

Windows has slowed down and is not performing well, maybe Windows has a virus, you need to remove it immediately. Here’s how to remove viruses from Windows 7, 8, 10 without any virus protection.

The virus is very deadly for windows. This can have a brutal effect on Windows which also increases the risk of losing data. Despite our considerable efforts, the virus affects the system and many times the virus attacks Windows even if antivirus is installed in Windows.

After virus attacks, windows are no longer able to work, and we have to reinstall Windows. To avoid the virus, its precise information is very important. In this post, we will tell you how to remove virus from Windows 10 without virus protection, so stay connected with us.

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What is the virus?

A virus is a kind of small program that is created by hackers so that it can degrade your computer. The virus is a program that starts downloading itself after coming into the system and gradually destroys the entire system.

How to Check Virus in Windows 10

Given the following tips, you can easily find out if your windows have a virus or not.

  • You see unexpected changes in your windows 10
  • Windows start too slow
  • Perform too slow when you’r working
  • A pop-up appears
  • CPU utilization high without working

Apart from this, we can also find out many ways.

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What Causes the Virus in Windows

The virus comes in Windows for a variety of reasons, some of which we telling you.

  • Open insecure link
  • Open unknown email without any virus protection
  • downloading insecure web site
  • Use insecure network
  • Pen drive and another external device

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How can Remove the Virus from Windows 10 with CMD

If any threats are in your Windows 10 and you do not have any virus protection so don’t worry we tell you some amazing tips to remove it by the given following steps.

Step 1. First click search bar and type cmd. right-click cmd and choose Run as Administrator

remove virus from windows 10

Step2. Type chkdsk c: and press enter

It takes time to complete this, after complete this, type ‘cls‘ and press enter. Now clear all your drives in the same way. ex: ‘ chkdsk d: ‘, ‘chkdsk e:‘ etc.

Step 3. Now type attrib -s -h *.* /s /d and press enter.

remove virus from windows 10

Step 4. After pressing ENTER, you will see the image below.

remove virus from windows 10

Step 5. After this, type exit and press ENTER. Now your windows 10 is virus-free.

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