8 New Hidden Features Explored in Windows 10

From Windows XP to Windows 10, many features added to make Windows user-friendly. There are many hidden features in Windows 10 that you might be unaware of. Today we’ll tell you some of the best features of Windows 10, which improve your experience of using windows 10.

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1. Storage Usage

Now, no need to check every folder to known about that size and what is in the folder? Windows 10 brought this amazing feature which you have been seen in mobiles and tabs. Now, this feature is added in Windows 10. With this feature, you can easily check the HDD storage in full detail.

Windows size, apps size( which installed), junk files, temp file, Music file, images, and all of which are in your HDD drive, and you can also delete windows temporary files and increase our windows performing speed.

windows 10 features

For use this feature, Click the Windows Start button> Settings> System> Storege> Select drive

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2. Multitasking

Multitasking a useful feature in Windows 10 with the help of this you can use 2 or more apps at the same time, for using multitasking, grab the top of an app window which you want to use in multitasking and drag it to the left or right side and other open windows is shown in the side, which you can choose. You can also adjust these windows size according to your work.

windows 10 features

3. Step Recorder

Step Recorder is a very amazing feature in Windows 10. This feature lets record any work you do on Windows, Step recorder convert into steps which you can save it.

Through this software, you can help your friend, family member, or client who is not able to properly install or any other activity in Windows 10, you can do that work on your computer and record it through a step recorder and send it via mail.

windows 10 features

4. Link your Android & iPhone to windows

When you irritate with the notifications which are coming on your Android and iOS mobile. This feature more useful for you, it allows to you can see the mobile notification on the computer screen, you can not only see but also reply that notifications.

For use, this feature, first, install Cortana app for Android and iOS in your mobile and login from your Microsoft ID which you’re using on your PC, after this, select apps which you want to see that notifications on the PC, now open Cortana settings in Windows and connect your mobile.

windows 10 features

5. Create Multiple Desktops

If you want children are, do not disturb your official work, then this feature is of great help to you, with this feature, you can create different desktops, for children, official works, and for other purposes.

To use this feature, click the task view and right side of the windows you can see the +New Desktop appears, click it and create a desktop, and if you want to delete desktop, click task view and just click on ‘X’ which available on every desktop.

windows 10 features

6. Shaking

This is also a pretty good feature in windows, which is present from the time of Windows 7, but very few people know about it. Friends, with the help of this feature, you can minimize all the windows which are open in the background.

Just grab the top of the window you are working on and shake it, thus all the windows open in the background will be minimized, and you will shake it again, Windows will come back.

7. Make Transparent Command prompt

If you use a command prompt and you get bored at its old look, then you can be used this feature. Through this feature, you can customize it, such as color can change, transparent, etc.

windows 10 features

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8. Voice Recorder

Now record archaeology Lectures, guitar practice notes, interviews, and another voice you want to record, this Voice Recorder feature will help you, this amazing feature is inbuilt in windows 10 and you can voice record, edit, and playback.

Click Windows search bar and type voice recorder.

windows 10 features

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